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According to Kitasweather, there is a powerful anticyclone in central Europe and extends to most of western and southern Europe, but also to the eastern half of the Mediterranean, blocking the Atlantic system flow.

In these areas, in general, good weather and temperatures prevail over normal levels. Our area will be marginally affected by the eastern edge of the anticyclone and will maintain a relatively cool northwest air current, keeping temperatures from normal to slightly below average on Sunday. During this time there is a possibility of individual rains, especially in the mountains, in the afternoon hours.

At the same time, the Atlantic cyclone Ophelia of class 2 is located about 580 km southeast of the Azores and moves northeast to Ireland at 11 km/ h. The cyclone on its way to Ireland will enter an area of ​​frozen water but also in a region with stronger wind shear and is expected to gradually lose the characteristics of a tropical cyclone.


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