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Paphos beats Vilnius and  becomes Europe’s cheapest city at €164 for a weekend break!


If you have a few euros burning a hole in your pocket and you’d like to have a getaway weekend somewhere relaxing and utterly gorgeous look no further! Our dearest Paphos is here to provide as always.

Paphos ranked as of this year first, as the most affordable city in Europe for a weekend getaway! It took Vilnius’ place by a €1.27 difference.

Paphos ranked
Image retrieved from The Sun


Either you’re a local or a traveler, Paphos has a lot of things to offer, starting from it’s breathtaking beaches

Paphos ranked
Paphos ranked
Akamas View, Paphos

But at the end of the day, if you’re more of a sightseer don’t worry, Paphos has you covered there as well!

Paphos ranked
Tombs of the King’s, Paphos

From the research that “the Sun” did we can see analytically how and why Paphos is ranked no1. Having no cost on Top Art Galleries does make a difference and to be fair, the sightseeing “scene” in Cyprus in general and not only Paphos is really cheap, if not free!

Paphos ranked
Image retrieved from “The Sun

All and all Cyprus is a beautiful place and at the same time small. if you feel like 3 days at Paphos is too much, then with another €4 you can hop on a bus and in 1 hour 15 minutes you’re going to be in Limassol. Just remember to take the bus back!

Paphos ranked

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