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On the edge of Polemi, next to SODAP’s Kamanterena Winery, is the interesting ‘Polemi Concentration Camp’ which dates from the times of Cyprus’ struggle for independence from Britain which lasted from 1955 to 1959.

It was built near Polemi, by the British, to contain members of the Cypriot organisation EOKA, which was dedicated to gaining independence for Cyprus. The site was selected because it was the coldest, mosquito ridden and unhospitable area they could find.

The camp was restored by ΣΙΜΑΕ – an organisaton dedicated preserving the memory of EOKA – on behalf of the Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture. The restored camp was opened on 17 October 2004 by the then Minister of Education and Culture Mr Pefkios Georgiadis.


The existing watch tower is the original one and if you enter the nisson hut you will find a model of the camp made by one of the prisoners which highlights its size and the number of inmates, which are estimated to have been over 1400.


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