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Ray Woolley is aiming to complete his 39th dive during his 93rd year “39@93”, as one of the world’s oldest divers, on Sunday in Latchi in Paphos. He was born in 1923 and first started diving with the Portland and Weymouth British Sub Aqua Club in 1960 and is now an active diver with the BSAC – British sub aqua club-at RAF Akrotiri.

Ray celebrated with 90th birthday, in September 2013,  by diving 90ft -“90@90”- on the sunken Zenobia roll-on-roll off ferry in Larnaca.

“I am looking forward to completing this dive as it will signify the 39th dive this year and I already have something else planned involving diving for later in the summer, but it’s a secret at the moment,” Ray said

The World War II veteran, has chosen latchi watersports to help him complete his 39th dive as has completed a number of his dives this year with them, covering depths between 10.3 and 37.4 metres.

“I love water and I feel very privileged to be so active and able to dive” Ray noted

He served in the Royal Navy Radio Branch during WWII, working on shipping convoys in 1943-44 before a secondment to ‘SBS Special Force 281’ in the Dodecanese. He was among the first Allied forces to land on Rhodes as the Germans retreated in May 1945.

After taking up diving in 1960, Ray was posted to Cyprus in 1964 and was a regular diver with BSAC during and attained further qualifications during three tours. In 1999, after diving in locations all around the world, he retired and returned to Cyprus to live permanently. He now lives in Ayios Tychonas, close to Limassol.


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