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The perfect way to get to know more about village traditions and taste the best local delicacies is at the village festivals, so here are three September food festivals worth attending.

1. Galata Pastry and Baked Goods Festival
The locals of the Galata village, set in the Solea Valley, really love to show off their traditional bread making skills and a variety of other baked goods. You can get a taste of their amazing creations of all things dough related at the annual village festival held in the Galata village square on the 10th of September!

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2. Troodos winegrowing villages Grape Festivals

Cyprus has a rich winemaking history that dates back centuries, and theres no better place to taste some of the best local wines than at the wine-growing villages of the Troodos mountain range. You will also be able to try all sorts of traditional grape delicacies like palouze and soudziouko. There will be a festival organised on the 10th of September at the Vasa village, on the 17th of September at the Lofou village, on the 24th of September atfood festivals the Arsos village and on the 1st of october at the Koilani village.

3. Pastelli festival, Anogira

The village of Anogira is well-known for its glorious carobs cultivated in the are and the locals are famed for making delicious pastelli and teratsomelo, made from carob juice on an open fire. On the 9th of September the village will hold a fun carob festival to celebrate the harvest and you will get a taste of these amazing festivals

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