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We all absolutely adore sunny weather and in we all love the sun and its pleasant welcoming rays that tend to make our days happier, boost our spirits and bring us closer to nature by making us want to spend our days out. Let’s not forget that it also makes us look tanned! Exposure in the sun for long periods can also result in serious harms if not done cautiously.

Despite the fact that there is awareness on the effects of the sun, most of us choose to ignore all the obligatory tasks we need to follow; like the fact that when exposed in the sun or at the beach we need to apply sunscreen and repeat the act every 45 minutes. We are inclined to avoid all these steps and get tanned quicker but not necessarily safely. Let’s not overlook all the long term and short term results that the sun may have on our body.

According to a study found in the medical journal Clinical published in 2013 on Cosmetic And Investigational Dermatology, 80% of observable wrinkles are caused as a result of the UV rays of the sun. Yes 80%, it’s quite a big percentage right? There is a huge difference in knowing that the sun can cause damage, and actually understanding the extent of which this damage may affect us.

We are certainly not saying we should avoid staying in the sun, especially living in Cyprus where we worship our sunny weather! But we should know the consequences of sun exposure and we should take the needed precautions in order to enjoy it harm-free!

Below is a list of all the negative and positive consequences that sun exposure can have on several parts of our body:


Dehydration is one of the serious damages that can be caused by long hours in the sun. If the water in our body is not refilled and refreshed It can cause problems with the kidneys and can even produce kidney stones and affect our urine in turning darker.


Our face is the most vulnerable part of the body that can be harmed from UV rays. Reminder of the shocking fact that: wrinkles and specifically 80% of the visible rhytides on our skin are a result of sun exposure as also believed by numerous dermatologist.


The release of endorphins as mentioned earlier is triggered by the UV rays and can produce feelings of blissfulness and happiness.


The sun’s rays have the ability of affecting our blood by converting cholesterol found in the blood into Vitamin D, and thus dropping cholesterol levels!


Vitamin D that is found in the sun rays can strengthen our bones.


During the summer our nails tend to much grow faster, this is a result of the boosted blood flow in our skin that is caused by sun exposure as an attempt to keep our body temperatures cool.




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