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KINISIS VENTURES brings American ambition to the forefront; partners with 7 Cyprus-based companies looking for growth in the US

KV’s vision is to support Cyprus-based new entrepreneurs and established Cypriot Companies looking to maximize the value of their enterprise by accessing the U.S. one

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The world’s first Android citizen SOPHIA is coming for the first time in Cyprus, in the context of the future casting festival “REFLECT”

Following last year’s success, Reflect is expanding into the largest future casting festival between Southern Europe and the Middle East, where the history of the

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Cartaroo: the first Online Mall in Cyprus

A small team from Cypriot postgraduates at Imperial College London, with the goal of leading Cyprus to the Digital World, introduce to us the first

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Grow Green Cyprus receives two awards at the European Business competition 2017

Grow Green Cyprus,  a student company at the English School of Nicosia, won two awards in the European Achievement Europe (JA) European Business Competition 2017.

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Marco Polo towers evolving in the skyline of Limassol

Marco Polo is the new development project, of two towers of 25 and 16 floors respectively, in the area of ​​Ayios Tychonas in Limassol, which


9 + 1 places for your business lunch in Limassol

Who said we can’t mix business with pleasure? Especially during the summer months that call for a relaxed mood and lighter meals since the heat

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Cyprus in the list with the 10 most popular destinations for real estate

A 12-place leap in the real estate search listings was recorded for Cyprus, re-entering the top ten most popular real estate destinations, based on


‘ONE’ in Limassol will be the tallest seafront tower in Europe upon its completion in 2019

‘One’ will be located on 28th October Avenue, will offer amazing sea view. It will be 37 floors at a height of 170 metres. On the ground floor,


Limassol to make world-wide impressions with state of the art modern architecture

‘Limassol Landmark’ is scheduled to be the newest hub of living, relaxation, culture and entertainment located in the heart of the city. It looks like