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The blogger behind the Cypriot-style Jenga that got viral

Last week we shared a post with a creative image of a Jenga with watermelon and hallumi. Purely awesome, artistic and Cypriot, the post went

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Celebrating 70 years of Kafes Laikou: Moments of life with Kafes Laikou

Laiko Manufacturing and LaikoCosmos Trading hosted a warm and emotional event last week, to celebrate 70 successful years of Kafes Laikou.  A coffee that has


The Ultimate Cypriot Salad with few twists

We went to Lidl Cyprus, found some of the most delicious local products and got everything we needed to prepare one of the most traditional


Artisan’s Burgerbar: 3 cool Cyprus-style burger suggestions to prepare at home

Who can ignore those unique traditional twists of our beautiful island? Creating a tasty burger and adding some Cyprus in it, is always a nice


Cypriot Hearty Soups with Products from Lidl

Trahanas or Avgolemoni? Or both? We went to Lidl Cyprus, got the right products and came up with two alternative recipes of the two most

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Delicious detoxifying drinks with traditional Cypriot herbs: the recipes

We recently went for a mini-shopping stroll at Lidl Cyprus, and gathered some of the healthiest herbs. Detoxifying ourselves after the Christmas period is a

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“Semele” – enjoy the inspiring short film by the Cypriot filmmaker Myrsini Aristidou

Now on vimeo, the short film “Semele” by the Cypriot filmmaker Myrsini Aristidou, is undoubtedly a must-watch piece of art. The film has screened in over 100

Myrsini Aristidou
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Myrsini Aristidou – talented Cypriot award-winning filmmaker

Born and raised in Limassol, Cyprus, Myrsini Aristidou is a very talented, award-winning filmmaker based in New York, Paris and Cyprus. She graduated with an

cyber security challenge
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Cyprus will be participating in the European Cyber Security Challenge

CCS in cooperation with information security specialists based in Cyprus, from both academia and the industry is preparing the Cyprus’ first national team for this


Cypriots really love “ospria” (Legumes)

Fresh legumes, or “ospria” are a staple of the Cypriot diet and Cypriots have always been very aware of their nutritional value. The same can’t