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Do you know what the weather will be like in Cyprus for “Dekapentavgoustos”?

August 15 or “Dekapentavgoustos” is the third most important holiday for the Greek Orthodox after Easter and Christmas. Often called the Small Easter, August 15

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On Sunday the temperature will rise again

In the afternoon the weather will be mostly sunny, but transient clouds will occur. The winds will blow southwest as northwest, moderate to strong 4


Coral Bay – one of the most beautiful coasts of the area

The coast of the Coral Bay in Peyia, in the Paphos district, ranks amongst the best of the region. The 500-metre long Coral Bay Beach,

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10 instagram photos from the magical Blue lagoon

Blue Lagoon, Latchi, is amongst the most popular summer destinations in Cyprus. The crystal blue waters of the magical blue lagoon, tucked away by the


Will Cyprus be hit by the “Medusa” bad weather system?

In autumn, the whole of Greece was struck by the bad weather system, named Medusa. Fortunately, according to information from the Meteorological Service, the phenomenon

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Highest demand for electricity in seven years

Giorgos Ashikalis, the spokesman of the Transmission System Operator, said that the demand for electricity reached it’s highest point in the past seven years on

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The heatwave that hit Cyprus breaks 30 year record

The heatwave that hit Cyprus caused the warmest weekend in the past 30 years on 1st and 2nd of July 2017, according to the Meteorological


Sunny day, chasing the clouds away

Today, it will be very sunny everywhere except the mountains, where a few local clouds will appear in the afternoon. The winds will initially vary between


It really is summer – Temperatures will rise over the weekend!

Limassol is welcoming the summer, with plenty of sunshine of course. In Limassol, June greeted us with some drops of rain in the morning, which happens to be the


It’s officially Summer!

It’s the 1st of June today, and Summer has officially begun! People are just so much happier when summer comes around, it’s the season of leisure