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General government generates €215m surplus in January to July

According to the finance ministry, from January to July 2017, the general government generated a budget surplus of €215.2m on a cash basis. We may

beer marathon
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The first beer marathon in Paphos

A beer marathon is being held in Paphos for the first time in Cyprus, on the 30th July. It will begin at 18:00 in the afternoon,


Will Cyprus be hit by the “Medusa” bad weather system?

In autumn, the whole of Greece was struck by the bad weather system, named Medusa. Fortunately, according to information from the Meteorological Service, the phenomenon

watermelon festival
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Let’s go to Frenaros for the Watermelon Festival

A watermelon festival will take place at the Frenaros Community Stadium on 14 July at 8:15 pm. The festival’s primary goal is to promote aquaculture

Iphigenia in Avlidi
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Iphigenia in Aulis play organised at the buffer zone

Euripides’ Iphigenia in Aulis Adapted and directed by Magdalena Zira Fantastico Theatro presents Euripides’ tragedy Iphigenia in Aulis in a new translation and adaptation. Aulis:

Cyplon Infographic

The city that will “sink” from tourism

It is already the 6th of July, and as we are in the first 10 days of the month we are approaching the heart of