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Films Shot in Cyprus

We all love Films and we all love Cyprus. So why not put these 2 together? Join us as we go through a list of

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Ace Playmore – a new fun startup company you can find on the beaches of Cyprus

Ace is a fresh and fun startup company based on the beaches of Cyprus; it consists of a group of smart, quick-thinking, action oriented and

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Cyprus is amongst the 20 healthiest countries

Cyprus ranked 18th out of 163 countries, scoring 89.17 out of 100, on the Bloomberg Global Health Index published this March. According to Bloomberg, Cyprus and Singapore,

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Yeronisos, a deserted island in Pafos

Yeronisos, (Greek: Γερόνησος; English: Holy Island) is a small island lying of the west coast of Cyprus. In one of our trips, the Heart Cyprus team happened

Ayia Napa marina
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Ayia Napa marina transforming the map of Cyprus

The works for the Ayia Napa marina not only have begun but they are advancing on a very well speed with the association behind the

Cyprus sea caves

10 Signs You Were Raised in CYPRUS

As with all countries, there are some predominant features characterizing people of Cyprus. Features and behaviors that clearly indicate their origin and the way they


Limassol in the list of best 100 cities!

Once again Limassol is in the list of 100 cities around the world, offering the best quality of life for 2017. According to previous reports,


Limassol to make world-wide impressions with state of the art modern architecture

‘Limassol Landmark’ is scheduled to be the newest hub of living, relaxation, culture and entertainment located in the heart of the city. It looks like

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Casale Panayiotis: This is not a resort, this is an experience!

This was one of the most mind-healing experiences I’ve ever had in Cyprus. Located in the beautiful village of Kalopanayiotis up the mountains, Casale Panayiotis is a real