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Cyprus from Air discovers a remote natural canyon

Cyprus From Air, once again discovering the truly hidden gems of the island, which remain unknown and untouched by civilisation.“Four kilometers of incredible natural beauty.

mountainous cyprus
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10 Instagram photos from mountainous Cyprus

Cyprus may be well known for it’s picturesque beaches with the crystal-blue waters, but mountainous Cyprus is just as breath taking!  There are many famous mountain resorts,


10 Instagram photos of the most beautiful places in Cyprus

Cyprus is becoming a more and more popular travel destination, and for good reason! The beautiful sights, the rich history and mythology surrounding the island,


Take a Roadtrip

Roadtrip, something we saw a lot in movies and lifestyle / travelling videos but how many of us actually attempted to do one?   What

Vasa Koilaniou

Vasa Koilaniou – the small village tucked away in a valley surrounded by slopes

The picturesque village of Vasa Koilaniou is located inside a small valley surrounded by slopes, only 35 km away from Limassol. The village took its

treis elies
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Treis Elies village – taking a step back in Cyprus history

Treis Elies village – taking a step back in Cyprus history The village of Treis Elies, which means “three olive trees”, is located in the

Botanical Garden
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Troodos Botanical Garden – an open place for your soul

The extensive Troodos Botanical Garden is situated at an altitude of 1.400 metres above sea level, in the “natura 2000” protected area near the abandoned

Caledonia waterfalls

The waterfalls of Cyprus

There are waterfalls all over the island, with the majority of the most impressive ones in the Troodos mountain range and Platres village. Although the waterfalls of Cyprus are considered quite small


Pomos – the idyllic village where the mountains meet the sea

The village of Pomos is located next to the sea, in the geographical district of Tillyria, 60 kilometres northeast of Paphos. The village was named

Baths of Aphrodite

The natural grotto (cave) of the Baths of Aphrodite

Past the fishing harbour of Latchi, and towards the tip of the Akamas Peninsula, you will find the natural grotto of the Baths of Aphrodite,