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PizzaExpress – a place for a great pizza!

Αγαπάς τη πίτσα; Αγαπάς και τις Τρίτες! Διπλή απόλαυση η Τρίτη στα PizzaExpress Η πίτσα δεν είναι απλά μια επιλογή για φαγητό. Είναι πάθος. Για

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Brunch in style at Ouranos Lounge Bar at Annabelle Hotel in Paphos

Brunch in style at Ouranos Lounge Bar at Annabelle Hotel in Paphos. Enjoy a combination of Asian, classic ND vegetarian cuisine along with some of the most

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In Cyprus, when you think of FIREWORKS, you mean PYRGOS!

MJP Pyrgos Fireworks – the most impressive firework displays in Cyprus MJP Pyrgos Fireworks is the only company in Cyprus with a proven record of superb


10 Instagram photos of the most beautiful places in Cyprus

Cyprus is becoming a more and more popular travel destination, and for good reason! The beautiful sights, the rich history and mythology surrounding the island,

Edro III

10 instagram photos from the Edro III Shipwreck

The Edro III, an 83 meter long 2,517 ton freighter, ran aground in stormy weather in the Sea Caves area of Paphos between Coral Bay

baby turtles
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Baby turtles hatching in Cyprus

Hundreds of turtle eggs hatched on the beach of Lara in Akamas, which is considered one of the most important breeding habitats of the sea


A place in Cyprus that looks like the Amazon rainforest

Green hills, running waters, waterfalls and caves make up this picturesque place, which reminds us of the Amazon rainforest in South America. Yet, this exotic

turtle beaches
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Strict guidelines issued for turtle beaches in Cyprus

The government has issued strict guidelines on how to protect breeding sea turtles at the Lara and Toxeftra beaches along the western coast of Paphos. Sea

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Greek singer Eleftheria Arvanitaki enchanted the audience at Aphrodite’s Rock

An enchanting performance of melodic poetry, by Eleftheria Arvanitaki was held at Aphrodite’s rock as a part of the Paphos 2017 PPE. The “Second Life”

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This will be the day with most flights to Larnaca and Paphos

If you are scheduled to travel within the next few days, it is a good idea to know what the most heavily fledged day will