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The blogger behind the Cypriot-style Jenga that got viral

Last week we shared a post with a creative image of a Jenga with watermelon and hallumi. Purely awesome, artistic and Cypriot, the post went

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Learn how to prepare a traditional Cypriot Easter treat – Flaouna!

Flaouna could definitely be named as the ultimate Easter treat! We went to Lidl Cyprus, got the right fresh products and came up with our

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Haloumoti and Eliopita cake: the full recipes

Our cuisine is amazing. We all know how many delicious and healthy options we have. Recently our team went to LidlCyprus, got some fresh products


New tasty easy recipes by Akakiko restaurants in Cyprus

Enjoy! More info at Akakiko Restaurants Page


Traditional Cypriot sweets made with honey!

Cyprus has a long-standing honey making tradition, producing a large number of high-quality, award-winning honeys, known for their pureness. The vast variety of honeys range

Elliniko Ouzomezedopoleio

The Elliniko Ouzomezedopoleio with new summer flavors!

The Elliniko Ouzomezedopoleio is always coming up with new delicious recipes and now they are here with new summer flavours! They have shared three delicious

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10 recipes that will change the way you use Watermelon forever

It’s that time of the year again! Summer has arrived and our favorite juicy watermelons are back to fill our summertime diets with nutritious meals