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Do you know how to make Cypriot Sheftalies?

Sheftalies – Cypriot sausage Ingredients 1 kg pork caul fat, see notes1 ¼ cup vinegar 4 small brown onions, finely diced 1 large bunch of parsley, 60 sprigs, finely chopped 3 kg pork mince 2 tsp cinnamon 2 tbs dried mint


Traditional Homemade Pizza

We went to Lidl Cyprus, got some of the tastiest traditional products and here we are, presenting to you the most delicious traditional Homemade Pizza.

Elliniko Ouzomezedopoleio

The Elliniko Ouzomezedopoleio with new summer flavors!

The Elliniko Ouzomezedopoleio is always coming up with new delicious recipes and now they are here with new summer flavours! They have shared three delicious


Three traditional cheeses we love in Cyprus!

In Cyprus, we are really big fans of food and we particularly enjoy good cheese! We particularly enjoy our traditional cheese, made with lots of

Pervoli Tavern

Pervoli Tavern: The beautiful courtyard to spend your summer nights is back!

With summer approaching the weather is getting warmer by day, the days are getting longer and the nights call for outings. This means one thing,