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Get one of the limited complimentary passes for the biggest future-casting online festival Reflect

Reflect Festival, a future-casting event with Cypriot roots, will take place at the home of each participant this year. As the largest event of its

Business News

Flying cars, electric folding bikes, the first human Android citizen, pioneers, futurists, investors and many more world innovators are coming to Cyprus

Reflect Festival is the largest future casting festival between Southern Europe and the Middle East. For the second time, trendsetters, decision-makers, pioneers and challengers of


The benefits of the HELLAS SAT 3 satellite for Cyprus

The benefits for Cyprus from the launch of the satellite “HELLAS SAT 3”, but also from the existence and operation of the company on Cypriot

high-tech company

Large, high-tech foreign company to be established in Limassol!

The foreign digital technology company, Whipper, moves its headquarters to Cyprus, more specifically to Limassol. This move is expected to create a significant number of