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Pissouri – a village that offers stunning views of both mountain and sea

The beautiful village of Pissouri dates back to the Byzantine era and was built on a green hillside, near Cape Aspro, offering stunning views of


Lania – the village that got its name from the daughter of the God of Wine

Lania is a small traditional village located only 25km from the centre of Limassol, which has been brought back to life over the past few

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Haloumoti and Eliopita cake: the full recipes

Our cuisine is amazing. We all know how many delicious and healthy options we have. Recently our team went to LidlCyprus, got some fresh products

elliniko ouzomezedopoleio

Two traditional recipes by “To Elliniko” restaurant in Cyprus

Tasty, easy to prepare recipes by the executive chef of one of the best quality restaurants in Nicosia. Enjoy more on the restaurant’s page


Cypriots really love “ospria” (Legumes)

Fresh legumes, or “ospria” are a staple of the Cypriot diet and Cypriots have always been very aware of their nutritional value. The same can’t

sunday souvla
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10 Instagram photos of delicious Sunday Souvla!

Sunday Souvla is one of our favourite traditions – wether it is in our back yard, at a picnic site, on our balcony or in


Traditional Cypriot sweets made with honey!

Cyprus has a long-standing honey making tradition, producing a large number of high-quality, award-winning honeys, known for their pureness. The vast variety of honeys range

halloumi cheese

All about the legendary Halloumi cheese!

For Centuries, Halloumi cheese, fresh or mature, has been a key constituent of the Cypriot diet and has been closely associated with the culture and

food festivals
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3 September village food festivals worth attending

The perfect way to get to know more about village traditions and taste the best local delicacies is at the village festivals, so here are

Cypriot food
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10 mouth-watering instagram photos of Cypriot food

In Cyprus, we love to eat. Cypriot food is very rich and flavourful and, although we live on an island, it involves a lot of