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Why we love the Cypriot ” meze “

” Meze ” literally means “small dishes” and it is a style of eating that involves many courses, each of which contains smaller amounts of


Three traditional cheeses we love in Cyprus!

In Cyprus, we are really big fans of food and we particularly enjoy good cheese! We particularly enjoy our traditional cheese, made with lots of

Laiki Yitonia

A walk through the charming Laiki Υitonia

Laiki Υitonia, the “popular neighbourhood”, is a charming, focal tourist point in Nicosia. The traditional pedestrian quarter of Nicosia is located to the east of Lidras

traditional Cypriot house
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We bumped into an authentic traditional Cypriot house

Haven’t you ever thought of how a traditional old house in Cyprus looks like? Last Tuesday, we had the pleasure and honor to be welcomed

Cypriot desserts

10 traditional Cypriot desserts we all love!

DAHTILA KIRION We love the long and delicate “ladies fingers” because they are so sweet that the honey literally drips off them. RIZOGALO Rice pudding


10 foods you cannot leave Cyprus without eating

1. Halloumi We eat it fresh or grilled, in our pies and salads, with our meze or even with watermellon – we love our halloumi any

Halloumi cheese (photo by:

5 + 1 Uses of Halloumi cheese in our Life

What is Halloumi?   Halloumi is a Cypriot, brined cheese made from a mixture of sheep’s, goats and cow’s milk. It can easily be fried

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Flaouna 3-Way: The traditional, the sweet and the muffin way!

Flaouna could definitely be characterized as a perfect link between Cyprus and Easter. Heart Cyprus has come up with 3 fun ways of preparing this


12 Step Recipe: Tahinopites – Brought to you by the Cypriot yiayia

TAHINOPITES Yiayia’s Ingredient List: 500 grams of all purpose flour 1 cup of self raising flour 1/2 tsp salt 1 cube of fresh yeast (25