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More than a beach holiday: Cyprus during shoulder season

By: Terrific Wanders Besides being my homeland, Cyprus is one of the most beautiful and popular holiday spots in Europe. Now, when hearing the  island’s name, most


Pissouri – a village that offers stunning views of both mountain and sea

The beautiful village of Pissouri dates back to the Byzantine era and was built on a green hillside, near Cape Aspro, offering stunning views of


Lania – the village that got its name from the daughter of the God of Wine

Lania is a small traditional village located only 25km from the centre of Limassol, which has been brought back to life over the past few

food festivals
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3 September village food festivals worth attending

The perfect way to get to know more about village traditions and taste the best local delicacies is at the village festivals, so here are


10 Instagram photos of the most beautiful places in Cyprus

Cyprus is becoming a more and more popular travel destination, and for good reason! The beautiful sights, the rich history and mythology surrounding the island,


A place in Cyprus that looks like the Amazon rainforest

Green hills, running waters, waterfalls and caves make up this picturesque place, which reminds us of the Amazon rainforest in South America. Yet, this exotic

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Kalopanayiotis – a genuine traditional community

Kalopanayiotis is a picturesque village located in the evergreen valley of Setrachos river on the northern slopes of the Troodos range, in the district of

Vasa Koilaniou

Vasa Koilaniou – the small village tucked away in a valley surrounded by slopes

The picturesque village of Vasa Koilaniou is located inside a small valley surrounded by slopes, only 35 km away from Limassol. The village took its

treis elies
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Treis Elies village – taking a step back in Cyprus history

Treis Elies village – taking a step back in Cyprus history The village of Treis Elies, which means “three olive trees”, is located in the

Lefkara Village
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Lefkara – the village of embroidery and silverware

The mountainous village of Lefkara, known for its embroidery and its silverware, is Located in the Larnaca district, at the foot of the Troodos Mountains