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oldest pet cat

The oldest known pet cat was actually discovered in Cyprus

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, cats have been cherished as beloved companions, worshipped as idols, and kept as agents of pest control and

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Kalavasos – the natural beauty and the archaeological sites of the community

The village of Kalavasos was built on the west bank of the Vasiliko river, about 40 kilometres southwest of Larnaca, at an altitude of 80


Pomos – the idyllic village where the mountains meet the sea

The village of Pomos is located next to the sea, in the geographical district of Tillyria, 60 kilometres northeast of Paphos. The village was named

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This is what the NASA Observatory in Troodos will look like

This is what the notorious NASA Observatory in Troodos, in the village of Agridia will look like which is moving towards implementation. There are developments

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Kyperounda – the village that has something to offer to everybody

Kyperounda sits at an altitude of approximately 1300 metres in the Troodos Mountain range and it is one of the largest villages of the Limassol

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The oldest settlement in Cyprus is located in Ayios Tychonas

The oldest settlement in Cyprus is the Neolithic village of Ayios Tychonas – Klimonas, which is more than 20 centuries older than that of Choirokitia.

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The biggest Koupepi in Cyprus!

In the frame of the Bufepio Festival organised by the village of Avdimou from 2010, the residents of the village, with the support of the

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Project in the cultural village of Lemba in Paphos

The project’s architects announced that the work on the construction of the cultural village of Lemba, in Paphos, will begin by the end of the


Denia – A “living” museum without walls

The Village of Denia, located in the dead zone on the right side of the Nicosia-Troodos motorway, holds Thermopylae since 1974. It is a museum without walls,

abandoned village

The abandoned villages of Cyprus

These are some of the abandoned villages of Cyprus, where the atmosphere, the serenity and the sometimes scary silence of these villages are very attractive.