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More than a beach holiday: Cyprus during shoulder season

By: Terrific Wanders Besides being my homeland, Cyprus is one of the most beautiful and popular holiday spots in Europe. Now, when hearing the  island’s name, most


Should we be expecting rains and storms in Cyprus?

According to Kitasweather, today the temperatures were lower with transient elevated clouds and single rains in the mountains. Tomorrow, the weather will be sunny to


With the start of October, some fog and rain we welcome autumn

With the beginning of October – a fall in temperatures, some fog and rain according to Kitasweather – we officially welcome autumn in Cyprus! Bermuda’s anticyclone,

Heart Cyprus

25 Interesting facts about Cyprus!

Cyprus is a small island with a long history and a rich culture that spans 10000 years, making it one of the oldest civilisations in the


What the weather will be like in Cyprus in the following days

According to Kitasweather, tomorrow the weather will be partly to mostly cloudy again, with mainly medium and low clouds. Clouds will bubble up over Troodos


Smells of Autumn this weekend

From today, Friday, until Sunday clouds and fog will appear, showing the first signs of Autumn finally approaching. According to the Meteorological Service on Friday,

Konnos Bay - Tourism in Summer
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Summer is over? Well, not in Cyprus!

One of the biggest advantages of living on such a beautiful mediterranean island is the plentiful sunshine throughout the year, and the long summer of


The temperatures in Cyprus are expected to drop slightly!

Today, the was mostly sunny, but in the afternoon hours there were a few locally elevated clouds, especially in the mountains.  The temperature will rose


Summer rain and storms coming up

According to the latest weather forecast for the next few days, summer rain and storms are expected throughout the Island. Yesterday, most of the Island


Do you know what the weather will be like in Cyprus for “Dekapentavgoustos”?

August 15 or “Dekapentavgoustos” is the third most important holiday for the Greek Orthodox after Easter and Christmas. Often called the Small Easter, August 15