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One of the biggest Wine & Music Fiestas in Cyprus at Patio Cocktail Bar

After the past years’ success, the Wine & Music Fiesta by Patio Cocktail Bar is here for the 3rd time. The largest event in the capital


Lania – the village that got its name from the daughter of the God of Wine

Lania is a small traditional village located only 25km from the centre of Limassol, which has been brought back to life over the past few

Kolossi Castle

Kolossi castle – a fine example of military architecture

The Kolossi castle was initially constructed in the 13th century and it was then rebuilt in its present form during mid-15th century. This well admired 15th

Limassol wine festival
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Over 100,000 visitors expected at the Limassol wine festival

Thousands of locals from all over Cyprus and tourists from around the world alike attended the opening night of the 56th Limassol wine festival on

wine festival
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The Limassol Wine Festival 2017

Limassol has earned the reputation as the “Wine capital of Cyprus”, mainly due to the Wine Festival, which takes place every year in the Limassol

Cypriot wedding
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Rituals of a traditional Cypriot Wedding

Even though a lot of the wedding’s traditions have been lost or relaxed, you can still enjoy many of the original rituals when attending a

Vasa Koilaniou

Vasa Koilaniou – the small village tucked away in a valley surrounded by slopes

The picturesque village of Vasa Koilaniou is located inside a small valley surrounded by slopes, only 35 km away from Limassol. The village took its

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The legendary Commandaria – the oldest wine in the world

Commandaria is a sweet dessert wine that also happens to be the oldest named wine still in production. The wine is actually a protected Cypriot

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Kyperounda – the village that has something to offer to everybody

Kyperounda sits at an altitude of approximately 1300 metres in the Troodos Mountain range and it is one of the largest villages of the Limassol


Omodos – one of the most mesmerizing villages in Cyprus

The village of Omodos is located in the geographical region of the wine-making villages, about 42 kilometres north-west of Limassol. It is built near the