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Limassol Landmark’ is scheduled to be the newest hub of living, relaxation, culture and entertainment located in the heart of the city. It looks like Limassol will have yet another luxurious environment right by the sea. One of the most impressive design features of Limassol Landmark is the modern infrastructure on the top 3 levels that comprise of swimming pools on the edges, facing the glorious seafront.

The picturesque landmark was designed by world renowned international architects ‘ATKINS’ who are continuously developing unique projects globally. However, one should note that this particular project will be BIG, aside from the fact that it’s set out to be 34 storeys tall, it will be a game changer for its residents – bringing an air of modernity to their lifestyle. It offers an incredible experience for everyone; just to name a few features, imagine: serviced residences, spa and health clubs, tennis courts, private swimming pools, penthouses, children playgrounds, and a dedicated business centre – the landmark that offers it all is scheduled to arrive soon in Limassol.


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