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From April,13 till May, 28, 2019, an international climbing expedition, the aim of which is the ascent to the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest (8848m), is taking place in the Himalayas.

Yevgen Staroselskiy – the Cypriot climber (originally from Ukraine) at the moment is trying to conquer the top mountain of the world  – Everest, and he is sending you greetings!

On May 21, at 10 am, the group reached the North Col (at 7000 m) – the sharp-edged pass carved by glaciers in the ridge. Together with 6 climbers and guides, there is a team of Sherpas (local residents – descendants of Tibetans, who are distinguished by “high-mountain” genes). Altogether they managed to climb to the North Col from the camp at 6400 m in three hours instead of planned five!

Yesterday they had a day of rest (as far as it is possible to relax in conditions of oxygen starvation and low atmospheric pressure!) As a result, to perform simple and familiar actions, such as getting dressed, lacing up shoes or boiling water, takes much more time and effort! The climbers spent a night at 7 thousand.

Today Yevgen Staroselskiy is sending us some news from 7800m! “The flight is normal!”😊

Of course, there is no Internet connection at such a height, but they managed to find a weak satellite signal! It was not possible to talk, so we exchanged letters!

He wrote: “It is cool in the camp at 7800m (minus 20°C), it is snowing. Everything is fine!”

When we asked if the snow is disturbing the climbers, Yevgen answered: “Till you are in the tent, it doesn’t. And tomorrow morning it should not be snowing. It usually happens here  in the afternoon! ”

Today morning the group started to go to the next frontier – the camp at 8300m – almost at the very top (8848m)!  The climbers move with oxygen, the flow rate is about 2-3 liters per hour, they sleep with a minimum supply of oxygen too — 0.5 liters per hour, and the rest of the time they breathe on their own.

Yevgen wrote that he feels  “perfectly comfortable” in his tent without oxygen.  And I thought: “Here it is, it began –  hallucinations…”

Hold on, guys!  No one from us has been there – except you!

We are waiting for the fresh news from a new height!

P.S. It’s curious: on the slopes of Everest the group lives according to the Nepali time (difference with Cyprus is 2 hours and 45 minutes!) So now they are not only much higher than we are, but almost 3 hours ahead!


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