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1.Caledonia Waterfalls

Starting from Platres near the Psilo Dendro trout farm the Caledonia trail runs next to a stream, which it crosses at points, and with a length of just three kilometers, it is quite steep. About midway one finds the Caledonia Waterfall, a major natural attraction in the area. The water quantity is not significant, but the setting is nevertheless idyllic.

Caledonia Waterfall

2.Cape Aspro

A fantastic hike from the Pissouri bay to the Cape Aspro, a longer trail, but one that is more than worth it.

Cape Aspro

3.Cedar Valley

The breathtaking mountain locality of Cedar Valley is tucked away in the Paphos Forest, and is distinctive for its thousands of endemic Cedrus brevifolia species (Cedar trees), which is a close relative of the famous cedars of Lebanon.

Cedar Valley

4.Artemis and Atlante trails (mountain olympus)

The Atlante trail is a 12km circular walk around Mount Olympus starting from the Troodos Square. The Artemis trail is also a circular walk around the base of Mount Olympus and gives similar views; the main difference is that it starts higher up the mountain and is therefore shorte in length. The spectacular view from the top of Mount Olympus is one everyone must see.

Mount Olympus

5.Aphrodite and Adonis trails

The two trails are circular and both have their start at the renowned «Baths of Aphrodite». Here, according to the legend, the goddess of love first met her lover «Adonis» and used to bathe in the crystal cool waters of the natural pond. The Aphrodite trail is considered one of the most beautiful Cyprus walks on the Akamas Peninsula, with stunning views over the blue lagoons.

Aphrodite Trail

6. Ageia Eirini

The trail’s starting point is in the heart of the village, near the church of Agia Eirini and it ends at the hideouts also known as the “Caves of Dighenis”.

Agia Eirini


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