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1. Lady’s mile beach


“Lady’s mile” beach is located between the container port of Limassol and the British base in Akrotiri. It actually took its name from the mare of the governor during British rule, who used to ride along the beach. This 5 km coastal stretch of golden sand and warm, shallow waters runs along the east side of Akrotiri. The warm, blue, shallow water makes it the perfect beach for families with little children.

2. Kourion beach


The “Kourion” is a beautiful beach strip with an ancient history, which lies at the foot of the mountains, below the ancient Kourion amphitheater. The Kourion is an area which has a deep history from the ancient Greek and Roman ages. The beach is a lovely beach, at open sea, of grey sand and small pebbles, with crystal-clear seawaters and strong waves.

3. Paramali beach


The secluded “Paramali” Beach lies directly to the south of Paramali Village and is the perfect beach for relaxation. It is an ideal spot for anyone looking for some peace and quiet. It also happens to be a busy turtle nesting beach, so if you are lucky enough you might even witness a turtle hatch, which would definitely be an unforgettable experience.

4. Pissouri beach


“Pissouri” beach stretches for more than 2Km around a sweeping natural bay. Another beach with crystal-clear waters and a lovely clean beach of sand and pebbles.

5. White Rocks, Governor’s Beach


“Governor’s beach” is one of the most famous sandy beaches of the island for the peculiarity of the coastline, its sandy beach hidden behind the impressive rocks and its clear waters. This unique beach is another perfect relaxation place and it also offers some of the most picturesque sunsets.



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