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Sea Caves in Peyia, Paphos

The sea caves in Peyia are a unique location of geological and biological interest, but also picturesque beauty. The formations took thousands of years to be created and are characterised by the caves, stone lodges and engulfment. The corrosive action of the sea has managed to penetrate between the rocks and eaten them away overtime, creating a magnificent mosaic, which is proof of the incredible power of the sea. Along the length of the bay, there are tall rocky seashores, which even reach up to 20 metres in height as well as sea caves of different sizes and small scattered islets. The caves are also known as “Spilios tis fokenas”, meaning seal caves, because the seals (monachus monachus) used to inhabit the area, before human presence and interference.

sea caves paphos

Cape Greco Sea Caves, Ayia Napa

The Ayia Napa sea caves, with impressive rock bridges, hidden caves and tunnels, are found along the stunning coastline at the edge of Ayia Napa. The sea caves extend up to 80 metres underground and are only partially submerged. This area is popular for snorkeling, diving and swimming because of the crystal clear water and the caves can be explored on foot during low tide. According to the legend, pirates used the caves to store their bounty as the cavernous tunnels, bridges and rock formations were a perfect spot for the seafarers to hide out.  An abundance of sea life may be observed in the crystal clear waters and the caves are an impressive sight from both sea level and from the cliffs above. One of those incredible sights of nature that can’t be missed.

sea caves cavo greko sea caves cavo greko sea caves cavo greko


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