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In the Neapolis area of ​​Limassol,on the 28th October coastal road, two more towers will be built. The two new buildings, which will be 8 and 11 floors high respectively,is a project known as Total Serve, belonging to Economidis.

The company “P.G. Economides” in Limassol is the first applicant for the development and it is proposed that the construction works start in December 2017 and be completed in December 2020.

The first project proposed involves the construction of a large-scale development involving the construction of an 18-storey tower with mainly offices. The tower will have gardens, offices, engineering facilities, a reception and two shops, a five-storey underground garage, a shared square and the provision of roof-mounted photovoltaic panels.

The second development is called “Landscope” and involves the construction of large-scale development involving the construction of an 11-storey tower with mainly offices. In the tower there will be landscaped gardens, offices, mechanical facilities, a reception and a shop, a three-level underground parking lot, a bicycle parking area, a common square and a roof-top panel.


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