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There are waterfalls all over the island, with the majority of the most impressive ones in the Troodos mountain range and Platres village.

Although the waterfalls of Cyprus are considered quite small in comparison to the world wide famous waterfalls, combined with the nature trails that leads to the waterfalls they provide magnificent views of the nature.

1.Adonis Baths waterfalls

adonis baths waterfalls

The Adonis Baths waterfalls are located in Kili, in Paphos. It is considered as one of the most beautiful and idyllic areas of the Island. According to legend, swimming in the baths, below the waterfall is supposed to preserve the woman’s youth and strengthen the men.

2.Caledonia waterfalls

Caledonia waterfalls

The Caledonia waterfalls, in the Platres village in Troodos, at 12 meters high is one of the highest water falls in Cyprus. It can be reached by a beautiful nature trail path following the stream.

3.Chantara waterfalls

Chantara waterfalls

The Chantara waterfalls are found on the river of Trooditissa, Diplos Potamos, about 3.5 Km from the Trooditissa Monastery, at the Fini village. The beautiful waterfalls are a part of the state forest.

4.Green Valley waterfalls

green valley waterfalls

The Green Valley waterfalls, in the Limassol district, were used from the ancient times, as shepherds used to water their herds of goats and flocks of sheep at this pool. Later on, the local village women came here to wash their clothes and brought water to their homes from there.

5.Mesa Potamos waterfalls

mesa potamos waterfalls

Mesa Potamos waterfalls are found on the river bed of the Arkolachanias river, northwest of Saitas at an altitude of 1000m.

6.Milliomeri waterfalls

Millomeri waterfalls

The Caledonia waterfalls is considered to be the highest waterfalls in Cyprus, however at a height of 15 meters the Millomeri waterfalls is actually a few metres higher. This is due to the fact that these waterfalls became more accessible a couple of years ago, so not many people knew about it.


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