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“Youth Empowered”: Do social media help in job searching?

For the first time in human history, public opinion has its own natural substance: social networks. Social media have evolved into a mirror for our societies and today have become the contemporary version of public speech. Discussion about economics, social and political current affairs, cultural and entertainment topics, leisure, educations and business contacts – all of them go through social media. This kind of communication replaces the traditional internet use.

However, when there is no attention by the users, social media could disadvantageous work for them – this is even more pronounced in the professional field. Can our social media profiles influence the employers’ decision on whom to hire? Is there a way to create an even more effective and attractive profile on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn? All the aforementioned will be answered at the “Youth Empowered” that will be held on 5-7 December, at the Famagusta Gate, in Nicosia.

The “Youth Empowered” project is being organized by Lanitis Bros. and Coca-Cola and its aim is to give to Cyprus’ young generation all the necessary networking opportunities, personal and professional skills to claim substantial employment opportunities. “Youth Empowered” is aimed at young people aged 18-30 years old; no entrance fee, degree or expertise are required.

Youth empowered program

The social media profiles, especially the ones of younger users, and their correct usage would be on the discussion panel of “Youth Empowered”. Mr. Giorgos Xanthakis, Social Media Manager of The Coca-Cola Company, will address a speech during the first day of the seminar – he will act as a mentor to the participants. “The social media platforms connect companies and enterprises with people through dozens of different ways; their use is not limited to corporate profile and customer service. The officials of several companies interact with their counterparts. Our social media profiles surely affect the way someone will find a job. For all these, it is crucial that we have an updated social media profile in order to be attractive and no provoke frustration to our future employer”, Mr. Xanthakis says.

As social media give to everyone the opportunity to create and enforce a brand, “Youth Empowered” will present the best ways that someone has to follow in order to create an effective personal brand. Mr. Giorgos Zervides, founder of CyMYS will convey his experience to the participants of the seminar.

The “Youth Empowered” project is being organized under the auspices of the Minister of Labor, Municipality of Nicosia, Youth Organization and Cyprus Youth Council and contains several subjects and contemporary way of learning through mentors by Lanitis Bros. and Coca-Cola. Several other companies and organizations join their forces: ΑΝΤ1, ΙΝ Business, Delema ΜcCANN, PWC, StudentLife, Gen-Cyprus, Cyprus Marketing Youth Society, PopUp Nicosia, CYTA, Heart Cyprus, Gloria Jeans, M&P, AKTI NGO and the Multipurpose Center of the Municipality of Nicosia. All of them will create a database with analytics of the 200 participants and it will be used for vacancies.

Lanitis Bros’ aim is to help 3,000 young Cypriots by 2020 and give them appointments and networking opportunities to achieve a positive change into their lives.

For more info check here and on the Lanitis Bros’ Facebook Page.


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