CyprusBeat 12-04-21

CyprusBeat talks today about Vaxxing, support (but not a lot) from EU for Cyprus in East Med, tariffs, and more

CyprusBeat 09-04-21

Schools kerfluffle, cleaning up Limassol, and no chair for Ursula, and more.

CyprusBeat 06.04.21

Today, we talk about Big Bad Boris and his beer, talking through the Cyprus Problem, and reducing corporate taxes to a minimum.

Daily Briefing 05.04.21

Today’s CyprusBeat talks about vaxxing Geneva talks Big Bad Boris and the latest ‘call’ from the EU Commission.

Daily Briefing 4.4.21

On today’s beat we cover Cyprus Problem under discussion (again); Big Bad Boris and travel to Cyprus; Getting vaxxed (it’s not so bad);