Daily News Briefing September 14

In today’s episode, the income and asset declarations of currently serving deputies were posted Monday on the website of the House of Representatives, showing DISY leader Averof Neophytou to be the wealthiest of the party leaders. In other news, opposition parties have slammed the comments made by British High Commissioner Stephen Lillie in an interview […]

Daily News Briefing September 13

In today’s episode, a total of 330 primary schools will open today, making this the second school year that began during the coronavirus pandemic and the third one affected by it. In other news, the relatives of a British woman whose body has lain unclaimed in the morgue of Paphos hospital since her death in […]

September 10 Daily News Briefing

In today’s episode, the president met with the Holy Synod to discuss statements from bishops seen as discouraging vaccinations. There’s also the EU funding boom for Cyprus, an Akel group discusses the demographic issue,efforts to prevent developments in Akamas and the president’s praise for Cypriot firefighters in Greece.

September 9 Daily News Briefing

In today’s episode, the withdrawal of an English textbook celebrating Turkey’s Kemal Ataturk from state high schools, the ongoing battle to have halloumi registered as a PDO, an incident between a Green party parliamentary assistant and Elam MP Andreas Themistokleous and much more.

Daily News Briefing September 8

In today’s episode, health minister has given the state health services organisation (Okypy) ten days to smooth out the problems regarding long waits in A&E departments in state hospitals. In other news, lawmakers reviewed various ways in which electricity bills might be reduced after August dues shot up by 38 per cent, while yesterday over […]

Daily News Briefing September 7

In today’s episode, over 45,000 students return to state secondary schools having to present a SafePass to be allowed entry. In other news, the €1.3bn Recovery and Resilience Scheme could add seven per cent to Cyprus’ GDP and create thousands of jobs, according to Finance Minister, Constantinos Petrides, a public outcry forces the Paphos municipality […]

Daily News Briefing September 6

In today’s episode, we hear of the 1,300 traffic violations that were recorded in all districts over the weekend during police checks aimed at reducing serious and fatal road accidents. In other news, an invasive species of mildly poisonous sea urchin appears to be thriving across the island, Archbishop Chrysostomos is to suggest to the […]

September 3 Daily News Briefing

In today’s episode, the rollout of the third dose of the anti-Covid-19 vaccines is due to start at nursing homes all over Cyprus. Meanwhile, the island mourns the death of legendary Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis and traffic at the two airports has finally gained some steam. All this and more in today’s episode.

September 2 Daily News Briefing

In today’s episode, we cover the latest from the Syrian oil slick threatening the north-eastern coast of Cyprus,the island’s vaccination coverage, MPs’ plans to crack down on online offense and much more.

Daily News Briefing September 1

In today’s episode, the European Court of Human Rights has awarded nearly €60,000 in damages and legal costs to the family of a Greek Cypriot killed during the Turkish invasion.In other news, a massive oil slick which had been expected to hit Cape Apostolos Andreas in the Karpasia peninsula is now heading back to Syria. […]