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Italian… as you like it:  Convenient self-service, meets the excellence of fine dining

Our lives have become fast-paced, ever evolving and always moving. People are no longer set in their ways; and while we learn to celebrate our differences, we also celebrate the freedom to experience different things in different ways, even when doing something as simple as ‘eating-out’.

Businesses that have learnt to adapt to this new way of life, are thriving, and one such business here in Cyprus, has very quickly become a firm favourite for those looking for an informal but wholesome eatery experience, that accommodates their need for versatility and convenience.

La Boca: The Flexible Italian

La Boca is a concept restaurant in Limassol that is undoubtedly ahead of its time as it successfully caters to our crazed routines, our desire for instant gratification and our more pleasure-centric outlook on life. It is a restaurant that allows us to sit down, relax while being present and extroversive; to enjoy company with long chats and loud laughs, or quietly scroll through our smartphone, grab a quick solo bite, fuel up and go. By offering this combination of seemingly contradictory experiences, La Boca manages to appeal to diverse crowds, varied tastes and different needs, with a consistent quality promise and a predictable ability to offer its visitors the exact experience they require at any given time.

What makes it so special?

As a casual dining restaurant, the layout of La Boca takes ‘social eating’ to a new level. Its welcoming interior space, combines cozy tables for small parties with long wooden bars which act as a shared open invitation for great communication with friends, family or even other guests. It is a place where conversation comes easy and food is prepared right before your eyes, guaranteeing the use of fresh ingredients and excellent hygiene.

The menu includes carefully crafted Italian pasta dishes made from the freshest pasta created from scratch in store, delicious pizzas, salads and select Asian options, while guests order their food directly from the cooks at the kitchen counter, giving them the opportunity to have a quick chat about daily specials and personal preferences. Here, you simply ask the chefs to customize your meal and sit back to enjoy the show in the open plan kitchen. Watch as they prepare it just the way you like it, and once your buzzer goes off, get your freshly made dish, from the hands of your cook, at your allocated food station.

This fun, waiter-free system, allows you to fully control your experience. If you are in a hurry, just ask your cook how long each meal will take to prepare and choose accordingly. If you prefer gluten free or whole grain, ask about the selection that has been freshly made in-house. If the roaring central oven is luring you in, ask about the traditional Italian oven baked pastas and risottos topped with creamy bubbling mozzarella.

Convenience meets Quality

The quick self-service experience at La Boca, is designed to satisfy the demands of our tirelessly active lives without sacrificing the joy of a great meal made with high quality ingredients. Dishes are created, and then individually refined with beautiful hand-tossed dough, signature sauces, dressings and pestos, all perfected with stunning veggies and herbs.

The convenient process of ordering, chatting, eating, connecting and even paying at La Boca, means that you can enjoy each meal, any time or day of the week. Visitors can pop in and answer emails whilst enjoying a plate of incredible pasta before going back to the office, share mouth-watering pizzas with family while enjoying the highly-skilled choreographed performance in the open kitchen, or even grab a hot bowl of fresh noodles from the Asian Corner for an intimate meal with friends or colleagues.

At La Boca your orders are saved to a smart card which you are given at the counter and use to pay quickly and easily, as soon as you are ready to leave. A fun restaurant designed for all age groups looking for quality Italian or Asian dishes in a truly relaxed and friendly environment, any time of day.

Visit for more information or view the menu at and feel free to pop in and experience La Boca’s unique spin on dining out from 12:00 to 23:00 all week long, at Columbia Plaza in Agios Andreas, Limassol.


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